Custom Basswood Blinds & Shutters

Basswood Blinds & Shutters Calgary

Basswood is a natural material providing a safe, healthy environment. The basswood we offer is imported from North-East China. The architecture of windows can be enhanced with the wood shutters. They are the shutters of choice for light control and noise insulation.

At Rainbow blinds and interiors, you can browse through the basswood shutter collection and choose the shutter of your choice.

At Rainbow blinds & interiors, we also offer basswood blinds/shutters installation and design consultation services in Calgary, Brampton, Airdire and all nearby places in Canada.

Basswood Blinds & Shutters Features

  1. Basswood shutters are the best choice for Canada households, as natural woods cannot withstand moisture and get damaged soon.
  2. Maintaining basswood blinds is easy as they just need to be dusted and wiped down with a damp cloth.
  3. The slats are thicker, offering complete privacy compared to other shutters.