Innowin Shades & Blinds Calgary

Innovin shades, also known as sheer shades, are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles.

Why choose Innowin shades for your home?

Innowin shades are quite popular owing to their elegance and functionality. They display a modern look in beautiful fabric shades. By adjusting the angle of the vanes, you can control the light entering the room. The fabric shades get stacked inside the elegant-looking cassette head rail, offering clear outside view. Shades when closed offer adequate privacy with diffused light. The color of the head rail can be matched with the fabric shade.

Innovin shades, otherwise called horizontal Innovin shades, are the most preferred ones among other shades in Calgary, Brampton, Airdire, Alberta & all over Canada. They convert bright natural light into soft and pleasant. These custom-made horizontal  innowin shades filter out strong and damaging sun rays without compromising on the sunshine.

At Rainbow blinds & interiors, we also offer innowin shades installation and design consultation services in Calgary, Brampton, Airdrie and all nearby areas in Canada.

Innowin Blinds Features

Create Beautiful Ambience

You have tons of options to choose from our collection in Canada and these custom made shades can suit your style and décor.

Innovin Shades or Blinds Options available include:

  • Innowin shades with cordless lift: Much sought after and easy to operate model, with concealed control system devoid of the lift cord hanging on the sheer shades and can be easily operated at finger touch.
  • Innowin shades with continuous cord loop controls: Here cords are not visible on the shades but held on the wall. This option is best for large/heavy blinds.
  • Innowin shades with motorized lift: With just a button to operate, it is easy to raise or lower the sheer shades at your convenience.