Custom Vinyl Mini Blinds

Venetian Blinds Calgary

Why choose vinyl Mini blinds for your home?

Vinyl mini blinds can blend with any room décor for the reasons below:

  • Different range of Vinyl blinds comprising of plaza fabrics, grass
    cloth, grass weave, stenciled fabrics and tactics slats are available in Calgary, Brampton, Airdrie & all over Canada.
  • Custom Vinyl mini blinds are considered the best option for controlled lighting in rooms

Vinyl Shades Features

Vinyl window blinds come with some popular features that are easy to install and operate.

With the below mentioned features for vinyl mini blinds, custom window coverings can be upgraded to match your requirements and décor:

  • Cordless lift: Much sought after and easy to operate model, with concealed control system devoid of the lift cord hanging on the sheer shades and easily operated at finger touch
  • Routeless: If you prefer to have limited lighting, we offer routeless vinyl blinds in Calgary, Alberta & all over in Canada that offer invisible holes for the cords to pass through in your vinyl blinds, resulting in increased privacy and reduced light leakage
  • Cloth Tapes: The fabric comes in various colors and styles, enhancing your interiors. They also conceal the cord holes in a stylish manner
  • Motorized Lift: With just a button to operate, it is easy to raise or lower the sheer shades at your convenience

At Rainbow blinds & interiors, we also offer vinyl blinds installation and design consultation services in Calgary, Brampton, Airdrie & all nearby places in Canada.