Planning to give your windows a makeover? Browse through the window films collection at Rainbow Blinds and Interiors, Calgary. They are highly cost effective and bring down your refurbishing budget considerably.

Window films such as diamond pattern, diamond glass, blue chip, new leaf are decorative and translucent and offer privacy with controlled lighting in your rooms. They come in some of the most popular patterns and designs and can be easily removed, cleaned and reused at your convenience.

At Rainbow blinds & interiors, we also offer window films installation and design consultation services in Calgary, Airdrie, Brampton, Alberta & all over nearby places in Canada.

Window Films Features:

  • UV protection: Solar films block maximum UV rays, thereby protecting your furniture from fading and your skin.
  • Glare reduction: Excessive glare from window glass causes discomfort while working on your system or while having quality time with your family watching TV. Window films reduce glare and eyestrain by 99% and allow you to have your fun time comfortably.
  • Temperature control: Window films have become an essential feature in Canada as they retain heat during winter and cool air during summer. This brings down your utility bill considerably.
  • Improved safety and protection: Window films are strong enough to hold broken glass in place and avoid flying of shattered glass injuring people.
diamond glass window film
Diamond Glass
Elderburry window film calgary
canopy window film calgary


Jasmine window film calgary
blue chip window film

Blue Chip

new leaf window film

New Leaf