zebra shades calgary

For contemporary….

Zebra blinds & shades as the name suggests come in dual shades: dark and light shades creating a zebra like pattern. Like any conventional shade, these can be pulled up. Besides, there is also an option to bring either of the shades to the front or back as per the requirement. 

The light shades offer you a view-through during the day and also allow you to block the harmful UV rays and the heat by the dark shade. There is also an option to draw them close at night to offer privacy.

For contemporary style lovers in Calgary, Brampton, Airdrie or nearby areas our zebra shades and blinds are the best choice as they come with alternate light filtering and darkening fabrics, offering dual functionality as you wish to have.

At Rainbow blinds & interiors, we also offer zebra blinds installation and design consultation services.

Zebra Shades Features

  • Zebra blinds for windows come with alternating light and dark, semi-opaque 2 ¾” to 3” and 2” to 2 ¾” transparent woven fabric.
  • Zebra shades also come(s) as an absolute sheer type of 97” wide and 94” deep suitable for large windows and doors.
  • Zebra blinds also come with striped fabric with light controlling options and complete privacy.
  • Zebra blinds and shades come in 10 different light filtering color options, cord control
  • Zebra blinds and shades can be easily controlled by cord with aluminium head rail and bottom bar that come in vanilla color for lighter shades and dark brown/chocolate for darker shades.